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Soft start. A major device for industrial automation

Soft start. A major device for industrial automation

What is soft start? How does it work and what is its application? As it turns out, these devices - although the name doesn't suggest it - are of considerable importance.

What is it?

- What exactly is such a soft start? It is a device which limits the voltage at the start of the motor - commented Automation Trader expert Mariusz Lenar. - The purpose is to make the start-up smooth and gradual. So that the engine does not immediately jump to full speed - he added.

Specifics? Why are such devices actually used? - There are many reasons. After all, let's imagine that we are dealing with large fans that are driven by belts. And this fan has to get up to speed at the beginning, and if the motor went up to its nominal power right away, this could, for example, lead to the burning out of these belts or great overloads on the bearings - said Lenar.

The expert's tale

- There is a lot more of this equipment. Compactors, mixers, large mills. Anywhere you are dealing with a lot of mass and all these components need to be accelerated slowly - concluded our great expert.

You can find out a lot more about soft starts on our video channel, where our expert talks about the whole issue in an accessible and comprehensive way.


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