The International Robotic Federation - New president elected
    The board of the International Robotics Federation (IFR) elected Steven Wyatt (ABB, Switzerland) as the new president. The position of the IFR President is ...
    Should robots be taxed like humans? Bill Gates on robot tax.
    The topic of robot tax raises a lot of controversy in the world of automation. This type of tax is widely criticized by the ...
    Mitsubishi introduces the "smallest, most compact" programmable logic controller
    Mitsubishi Electric has released the smallest and most powerful compact programmable controller Premium Micro PLC from the FX5UC series. The company is convinced that ...
    Warsaw Industry Week 2019
    Warsaw Industry Week is the fastest growing industrial fair in Poland. It is an event focusing on innovative industrial solutions organized annually since 2016 ...
    Winners of the Sprint Robotics Awards 2019
    Sprint Robotic is a conference focused on the use of robotics for inspection, maintenance, repair and cleaning in the following industry segments: Petrochemical Civil ...
    Developing collaborative robot tools with the cooperation of Finger Lakes College and New Scale Robotics
    Finger Lakes Community College has been awarded by FuzeHub Innovation Found a production grant of $ 50,000 to support collaboration with New Scale Robotics, ...
    Automation industry worth already 16.5 billion USD
    The impact of automation on global production is steadily growing, a new report showed that industrial robot sales reached a record level of USD ...
    Industry 4.0 is a fact
    The automotive industry has been heavily automated for decades and has always been one of the first to introduce new products, advanced tools and ...

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