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Inverter is an electric apparatus which is tasked to change the direct current into alternating current characterised by regular output frequency. Inverters occur in two basic types:

  • voltage inverter – apparatus powered by voltage source,
  • current inverter – powered by current source.

In case of inverters we often deal with the term frequency converter. Inverters, such as e.g. three-phase inverter and one-phase inverter, are named after the method of powering them. It is 3 x 400 V and 1 x 230 V respectively.

In our offer we have wide range of inverters of various types and designations. The rich assortment allows us to offer alternative and compatible inverter in case when it is impossible to purchase the original apparatus. Our inverter branch has various (inductive, proximity, optical and capacitive) sensors allowing to quickly diagnose defects and effectively eliminate them. The knowledge and experience of our specialists is the guarantee that the repair will be performed on the highest level.

Each order is a priority for us. We try to work quickly and with full commitment. We have real treasures in warehouses thanks to which we can control even the most difficult situations related to the stopping of machine’s work in our customer’s companies. We can also try to eliminate any type of malfunctions and defects thanks to our professional maintenance. We hire specialists experienced in the industry which results in the very high level of our services’ quality. We work quickly and efficiently and the short order execution time makes us stand out from the competitors. In our work, we put the well-being of our customer on the first place.

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