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Automation Trader is an expert in the field of motors unavailable in regular sale. Motors, apparatus converging energy into mechanical work, are our speciality. We are able to supply any motor and solve every problem related with it. Our workers are specialists in their respective fields and because of that we offer not only the purchase of selected goods, but also their maintenance.

By providing maintenance services we can diagnose the reason of motor’s malfunction and remove the defect. We perform our work in the shortest time possible and with the use of advanced diagnostic and testing equipment. Our engineers handle motors used in production machines for years. We remove malfunctions occurring on the way from the motor to the starting system and also those related to the powering and mechanics.

The range of our actions covers:

  • the sale of new and used motors,
  • rewinding of motors,
  • rigging tests and motors’ high voltage trials,
  • balancing the rotors and regeneration of bearing seats,
  • milling, grinding and lathing.
  • Thanks to the replacement of professional repair the machine can resume the work and the losses coming from the outage are limited.

In our offer you can find motors withdrawn from production by the selected manufacturers. We have in our warehouses real gems which are unavailable in other companies from our industry. The characteristic feature of Automation Trader is the short time of executing orders, which is possible thanks to the purchasing in advance goods withdrawn from the market and later keeping them in warehouses – instead of importing the selected parts the moment we receive an order for them. Such system shortens the time of shipping the good to the customer which is beneficent for his/her company because the processes stopped due to the malfunction can be resumed quicker.

We invite you to familiarise with the offer.

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