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Nowadays, the operating panels are an integral part of the industrial machines. Thanks to them it is possible to manage the work of the machine and to parameterise the production process. Damaged operating panel is partial or lack of control over the machine’s work. Luckily, the operating panels have no secrets from us. Years of work with those mechanisms allowed us to obtain great knowledge and gain experience in solving various problems.

  • We will supply the production companies with new or used HMI panel.
  • We can offer the maintenance firms full range of components to repair panels, from touch foil to chassis.

Our company diagnoses and repairs the industrial touch panels, diagnoses the systems responsible for communications and modernises the old types of panels. The modernisation often consists of replacing the CRT monitor with liquid crystal display. Our engineers also make backup copies of the programmes, parameters and data stored in the HMI panel’s memory.

We have richly supplied warehouses in which you can find both popular and rare replacement parts. Thanks to our constant presence on domestic and foreign markets and co-operation with selected manufacturers, we are up-to-date with information on withdrawing goods from the market and the requisition for specific parts. This results in our warehouses having accessories searched by our customers. We also have rare items, which are mostly unavailable in other companies in our industry. We are characterised by our mode of action. We do not import the selected goods after receiving an order for them but usually we have them earlier thanks to what we can quicker deliver them to the customer. Minimising the time of order’s execution we take in consideration the well-being of our customers – they are the most important to us and that is why we try to approach each order in an individual way.

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