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The PLC driver is a key part of each control system. The malfunction of such driver can cause undesirable functioning of the machine. This negatively impacts the production process – the production time may be prolonged or the quality of produced goods will deteriorate. In some cases it can even lead to the complete stop of production process. Here, in Automation Trader, we perfectly understand how important the PLC drivers are and we provide solutions which will minimise the corporate expenses and, at the same time, will quickly remove the occurring defects.

The PLC driver in industrial automation apparatus is designed to communicate with elements such as:

  • Frequency converter,
  • HMI panel,
  • Input-output remote circuit,
  • SCADA system.

Thanks to our commitment and continuous market observation we constantly expand our offer. The PLC drivers is a very differential group of products and as such it includes many models – in relation the technological development, some of them are systematically withdrawn from the sale. We find such models and place them in our warehouses so they will be available to our customers.

We execute shipments of the drivers and we take care of their diagnostics and maintenance. We diagnose the modules on test benches and test the communications interfaces. The rich assortment of PLC drivers of various manufacturer’s allows us to ensure the companies that the selected elements are available even in case of emergencies. Because the majority of goods offered by us are kept in our warehouses, the shipments are executed immediately after receiving an order. Thanks to this the outages of our customer’s machines caused by malfunctions are as short as possible which both limits the losses and the problems coming from stopping the production.

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