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Servo inverters are closed control systems used in automation and regulation systems. Their task is to regulate the drives in various technologies using motors. Servo inverter (or servomechanism) can be found in:

  • servomotors,
  • linear and asynchronous motors,
  • direct rotation drives,
  • applications equipped with motors,
  • linear executive servo elements.

In other words, they can be found in any type of automation machines.
Properly functioning servomechanism guarantees the adequate progress of production process. In case of malfunction we offer professional diagnostics, selection of replacement servo inverter, and load and function tests of the repaired machines and apparatus. If the servo inverter is impossible to repair, we offer the customer a new one with adequate warranty. The repair or replacement is performed with maintaining the maximal precision and the machine’s outage time is shortened to the minimum. In our standard offer we have servomechanisms of both renowned and less known manufacturers. You can find, among other things, goods manufactured by the Mitsubishi, Bosch, Siemens, Indramat, Elau or Omron companies.

We approach each order in an individual way. Our consultants are workers experienced in the industry which allows them to explain specific questions in cases of doubt. One of our aims is the short time of executing orders. We have many goods withdrawn from distribution in our warehouses and thanks to than we can quickly send them to our customers. We constantly co-operate with selected manufacturers and because of that we keep our stock up-to-date.

We invite you to familiarise with the offer.

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