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Servomotor is an executive system which works on a closed loopback. Servomotors consists from an encoder, driver and, of course, the motor itself. This type of drive offers huge efficiency. However, it also has its downsides. In case of malfunction the production is stopped and the manufacturer suffers big losses. Here, in Automation Trader, we meet our customer’s expectations and offer them the possibility of:

  • replacing the servomotor with a new one or used with warranty.
  • repairing the equipment and restoring it to the maximum efficiency.

The rich offer of servomotors allows us to perform complex repairs of many different apparatus. In our offer we have over 10 thousand pieces of servo drives from many manufacturers. We guarantee the immediate shipment or possibility of direct collection from our warehouse. The packages are sent by DHL, UPS and TNT courier companies. In each case our target is to provide such solutions which are seen by others as impossible to execute.

We always try to meet our customers’ needs and we approach each order in an individual way. Thanks to our commitment and experience in the industry we are able to find solutions for many difficult situations. The customer is always the most important to us. We know that the longer the machine is out, the bigger the losses are for the company and that is why one of Automation Trader’s main principles is to minimise the shipment time of ordered goods. We are able to do so thanks to our progressive way in replacement parts distribution and constant co-operation with selected manufacturers.

We invite you to familiarise with the offer.

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